AIM Software and its worldwide network offer leading-edge software for Data Management and Risk Management

    AIM Software was founded in 1999 as a provider of risk management software solutions.

    It soon became clear to us, however, that any risk management solution is only as good as the reference data used to produce information and make business decisions.

    For this reason, we now focus on providing both risk and reference data management solutions as part of an integrated package.

    AIM has now grown into one of the largest international software providers in our category, with over 400 projects successfully deployed around the world as of today with offices in Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and the UK.

    AIM Software is an active practitioner of agile / Scrum methodologies and a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

    Our Core Principles

    We believe clients should always be independent

    This means you should be able to define how your data management solution is implemented in your company.

    Whether this means using our specialists, an in-house team, or a preferred contractor—we will give you the same support and high-quality service that is to be expected of a reputable vendor.

    We build upon a solid foundation

    Our focus is on developing high-end technology products our customers can always rely on, using a technology base that is both state of the art and highly standardized.

    This means focusing on first getting the underlying platform right, so that we can react swiftly to emerging technology trends and easily add new layers of functionality as they emerge—without having to overhaul the entire system each time.

    We use the same tools you do

    Continuing innovation becomes a natural process if you can improve with every new deployment! This is why our developers use the same standardized tools as provided to customers.

    Doing so allows us to naturally improve the platform with every new project and easily share new improvements and best practices with the entire customer base. We invest a large amount of time to make sure that our powerful tools remain intuitive.

    Start small and build on success

    As a company that helps other organizations manage their risk better, we can completely understand how deeply risk influences decision making—especially when dealing with critical operational functions and processes.

    The built-in scalability and flexibility of our GAIN platform allows organizations to start small and later add more functionality as needed. This methodology also speeds up time to market, and helps bring earlier returns on your investment—thereby allowing us to develop our relationship based on mutual successes.

    Gain a network you can rely on

    Our network of trusted partners and suppliers has been a central factor in our success. The AIM network helps us ensure a high level of service, development, and support quality almost anywhere in the world.

    Every partner has been carefully selected based on industry know-how, market experience, and reputation for excellence. This means you can expect the same quality of service whether you deal with us directly, or with one of our local partners.

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