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    Become part of a highly dedicated team

    AIM Software always looks for talented developers and business domain experts. Today we have one of the largest product teams in our industry segment.

    We are a dedicated international company with English, German, and French spoken equally.

    About us

    AIM Software is a leading provider of comprehensive data management and risk management solutions for the finance sector with offices in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France and the UK.

    We develop a SOA-based product framework based on state-of-the-art development methods, for an industry with very high demands on product stability, security, and scalability.

    We also believe strongly in the power of technology, practical methodologies, and solid patterns of software engineering.

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    Apply for an open position

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    Engage and thrive with the team

    You will be fully embedded into our working teams from day one, because we feel this is the best way for new people to learn and develop. Please find out more about our company by reading what our team members say about working at AIM Software.

    Continue to learn

    We also strongly encourage continuous learning efforts and are committed to providing enough time for our teams to learn and research new ideas and technologies.

    Software development is not just about coding, it also requires the same discipline and boundaries as any other engineering-based profession. In the end, getting results and making customers happy are the best rewards for all of us.

    AIM Software is an active practitioner of agile / Scrum methodologies and a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.

    Find out more about us here.

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