What our employees say

    Here is what some of our team members have to say about working at AIM Software.

    Christoph, Software Development

    At AIM since August 2001

    One of the things I enjoy and I am most impressed with at AIM Software is the pool of technical expertise within the company. Technical discussions are very commonplace. It has also been my experience that just about any technical question can be answered by someone within AIM Software. The combination of technical, open-minded people make for a very comfortable and enjoyable working environment.

    Last but not least my colleagues—who come from many different countries, thus creating a productive multicultural atmosphere—are extraordinarily open, friendly and helpful, so it's a pleasure to work with them.

    Josef, Sales Manager

    At AIM Software since June 2004

    What I enjoy greatly at AIM Software is the highly dynamic and innovative atmosphere that we’re working in every day. From the very first days at the company, one plays a vital role connected with huge responsibility. I’ve never dealt with so many demanding and complex projects as I have at AIM Software.

    It’s a challenging and continuous process that makes every day different. Quality matters at AIM Software—and what appeals to me even more is the uncommon amount of entrepreneurship that I found in this highly experienced team.

    Christian, Professional Services Consultant

    At AIM Software since November 2001

    I work at AIM Software as a business analyst and product owner. AIM has made me thrive through many different kinds of tasks a booming, ever-growing company like this offers.

    Different facets are of the utmost importance, and as an employee, I could state the most important one—spirit. The personal dimension of the company is felt not only through the working hours with personal contacts and chats, but also during the periodic after-hours, where we enjoy life to the max out here in Vienna.

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