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    Partnering with AIM opens the door to a large number of opportunities for your company.

    AIM Software’s partnership approach is central to our continuing success because it helps us to better fulfil the diverse needs of our international clients.

    By combining our highly successful and competitive software solutions, along with the expertise of our local channel partners, we are able to leverage significant development, support, and promotional synergies.

    A few of the advantages we offer are:

    Helping grow your business more quickly

    We provide you with valuable information and skills (sales leads, marketing support, training etc.) along with an established product line with a solid track record.

    You can quickly offer your customers new products and services with a reduced time to market—and we can also support in various ways such as with your pre-sales, marketing and PR efforts.

    Working with a well-known international product

    Boost your marketability by teaming up with a reputable brand, and gain instant credibility from our many glowing endorsements and testimonials.

    Save money on your operating costs by relying on our established services and support network, and quickly gain referrals from other businesses linked to the AIM Software Partner Network.

    Build upon a well-developed product rather than starting from scratch

    Based on highly accepted IT standards and the clean architecture of GAIN, it is relatively easy to learn how to configure and operate our software.

    This enables you to take full system ownership from the beginning with much less effort than many other data management solutions.

    We also provide certifications through the AIM Academy to help our partners to get up to speed more quickly.

    AIM Software Network Services

    We offer a wealth of services to our partner companies beyond the GAIN software. Some examples include:


    • Market and marketing research
    • Advertising, branding, marketing and marketing communications
    • Events and trade show organization


    • Partner meetings
    • Cross-referral & contact networks (e.g. exchange of reference contacts)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)


    • Central help desk support
    • Support in RFI creation and sales support
    • Software localization (languages/features)
    • AIM Academy (sales training and technical trainings)

    If you are interested in partnering with AIM Software, contact us at

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