Thought Leadership

    In a constantly changing market environment, our clients continually seek better insights and innovative solutions to answer the critical challenges of today and tomorrow. This is why we work hard developing our thought leadership in business know-how, best practices, key technology, and of course our extensive research and development activities. We invest heavily in staying at the cutting edge of technology.

    Stay ahead of the crowd

    Adapting to continuous changes, watching developments on the market, and being familiar with key technology trends is fundamental for maintaining our leading position in the data management business.

    Our research mainly focuses on three key areas:

    • Financial markets, regulations, and standards
    • Practices in data and risk management
    • Technology for data and risk management

    Innovate through insight

    By adopting a transparent innovation strategy, and developing open relationships with our user community, we are at the forefront of exploring and leveraging new ideas that quickly turn into new features. The ultimate goal is to of course create better product enhancements and innovative solutions that benefit all our partners and customers.

    AIM Software is deeply committed to vigilant research and advanced knowledge of upcoming changes to regulations and standards. This allows us to ensure that our software (and therefore customers) are always up to date with the latest regulatory developments.

    Research and analysis of best practices in data and information management help our customers better leverage GAIN features for improving their processes and increasing productivity.

    Keeping up with regulations and standards

    • Evolution of standards in corporate actions (ISO20022, XBRL, Target2Securities)
    • Impacts of Basel III on reference data management

    Push standardization by improved patterns

    • Master data management & data quality assurance
    • New features in data governance
    • Focusing on the role and needs of Chief Data Officers (CDOs)

    Research in technology

    • SOA, model-driven architecture
    • Cloud computing, mobility, big data
    • Participation and presence in key technology events
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