Business Efficiency & Cost

    Increasing data volumes

    You are dealing with increasing transactions volumes, data sources, and security types, coupled with increasing regulatory requirements leading to increased number of exceptions? You need a system that scales with you. GAIN’s workflow automation enables back office staff to leverage intelligent rules sets in order to drive down the number of exceptions. Moreover, GAIN facilitates the processes of automating your rules-based checks, prioritizing critical exceptions, and identifying bottlenecks in your STP chain.

    Staffing productivity challenges (headcount)

    In whatever stage of the automation lifecycle you are, GAIN can reduce the amount of exceptions from common processes related to any facet of enterprise data management. Furthermore, GAIN reduces duplicative procedures down to a single workflow and a single version of truth across multiple downstream processes.

    Inefficient data sourcing model

    With GAIN, we can limit the number of data source requirements, leveraging business workflows that only source data when required by the specific business need. Firms can hone data licensing based on usage transparency.

    You must understand the end-to-end process to know which data has to be used in the downstream process.  GAIN business applications ensure not only higher efficiency but also better agility for the end-to-end processes.

    Cumbersome rebookings due to wrong reference data

    Accounting systems are not built for bad data. The optimal workflow ensures that the data is cleansed and accurate before it reaches the reconciliation process. GAIN allows your firm to create the most efficient, most automated data management process in advance of downstream systems so that those systems can manage their intended purpose.

    Late or wrong NAVs

    GAIN is a portfolio-aware solution able to track Net Asset Value (NAV) impact. We provide a dedicated business application that:

    1. Ensures that after establishing and automating the right rules, business users can focus on a reduced and targeted set of exceptions;

    2. Underpins the entire process with monitoring that allows business users to receive alerts when Service Level Agreements (SLAs) may be missed;

    3. Helps fund administration professionals to calculate NAVs on a more frequent basis.

    Wrong price in a material position in a portfolio

    GAIN is a policy master for pricing, giving you flexibility and re-usability for various portfolios and requirements. You can set unique pricing requirements for each portfolio and focus on managing the exceptions.

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