Global Challenges

    Overly complex programs

    GAIN is built around your processes:

    • Our model-driven architecture approach allows a shorter time to market and lowers total cost of ownership by streamlining the most common operations and functions.
    • Data security and business continuity are treated with utmost importance and care.
    • You can control all functional aspects of the software independently.
    • The GAIN components can be delivered à-la-carte, readily assembled as a larger package, or included in a complete solution.
    • You can gradually scale your application development and data coverage whenever desired or to account for growth.

    Increasing maintenance costs

    You have an existing reference data solution your firm has built or bought and now maintenance is becoming a challenge. GAIN has a subscription-based pricing model. There are no expensive license & maintenance contracts. Moreover, integrating a modern technology platform with downstream systems is a simple exercise.

    Too much manual exception management

    Most probably you are struggling with your data reconciliation process because of having too much data from too many sources being loaded into too many target systems. GAIN was built for you, the business user, to solve this problem. Our business applications approach allows you to configure—and modify on the fly—a set of rules to automate more of your data cleansing. Furthermore, GAIN allows you to set unique rules for each portfolio. Once you have GAIN configured to your liking, the few exceptions left route into the strongest workflow process in the industry, where each step is fully auditable.

    Integrating multiple data sources in multiple downstream systems

    The span from the day you implement a reference data solution until the day it is integrated into downstream systems can take up to three years, with every connector consuming up to a month of engineering time.

    With GAIN there is no need to wait for the benefit of quality data. With our modern architecture, agile development methodology, and robust out-of-box connectors, your downstream systems can consume quality data in a very short time frame.

    Currently supported downstream connections include:

    • Avaloq*
    • BRM
    • Calypso
    • ERI Bancaire Olympic
    • Generic Exports (DB, CSV, TXT, XML, Excel)
    • Matlab
    • Multifonds
    • Murex
    • NeoXam GP3
    • SAP FI*
    • SimCorp Dimension*
    • SunGard Ambit Apsys


    • SunGard FrontArena*
    • SunGard InvestOne
    • Temenos T24
    • Triple 'A
    • WebService/Odata, S(FTP), SOAP, MQ, JMS, SQL, XSLT


    * Maintained as part of the core product

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