Governance & Risk Management

    Recurring reputational, operational, and regulatory risk issues

    With GAIN, firms get a consistent set of quality data across all systems they utilize for efficient, accurate operations. By resolving issues from only one central point, you prevent a multitude of future procedural challenges before they actually occur.  Furthermore, every decision is auditable so that any question asked by clients, regulators, or internal risk managers can be answered quickly and accurately.

    Claims due to missed corporate actions

    Be always cautious towards information, even from a source you usually trust. Everyone sitting between the issuer and the shareholder has to double-check the information every time.  This includes to print a lot of paper and to compare SWIFT messages.

    Often Corporate Actions teams book an entitlement or start an election process before the information is complete or confirmed. We provide an intelligent check between the custodian information and the reference source: GAIN ensures that end users identify the problems so that they can act prior to booking the entitlement. In brief, GAIN helps to reduce liability and reputational risk.

    Leverage your audit trail to provide the “whole story” and to offer protection to the firm.

    Accounting platform change

    It has been proven that the output quality of your platform entirely depends on the quality of the data going into the system.

    The best time to incur additional operational changes is while implementing a new system. Make data the first item on the change list because it has the most impact on your reporting chain.

    GAIN checks the boxes in four critical areas: Reference, entity, pricing, and corporate actions—while establishing a solid business process for you to model all your downstream behaviour.

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