Regulatory Compliance

    Instrument classification issue

    Getting an instrument classification wrong impacts both risk and operational work. Hence, the farther downstream the issue occurs, the larger the complications become a company will face. Managing and maintaining instrument classification is critical for successfully meeting the requirements of investors and regulators.

    GAIN allows firms to minimize this risk and operational management challenge by creating an efficient workflow process that is fully traceable and auditable through each step, regardless whether that step is automated or an identified exception.

    Wrong valuation for an asset

    Why needlessly affect your reputational risk, regulatory requirements, or client expectations?  Whether regulators, clients, or both drive valuation requirements, GAIN allows clients to supply accurate pricing that is easily traceable from source to portfolio along with a fully traceable process to prove data lineage for each decision to relevant constituents.  Furthermore, clients can apply multiple pricing policies per instrument across multiple jurisdictions, based on local requirements.

    Managing STP challenges

    The industry pushes for more compressed settlement cycles while simultaneously driving more steps and accountability into the settlement process. Firms are challenged to maintain a consistent workflow with each added or modified step.  GAIN is the only EDM solution for business users who want the ability to build and manage their own workflow flexibly without over-consuming limited IT resources for each change in priority and exception management.

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