Becoming the first product provider in the EDM Space

    AIM Software is the only vendor to offer a living suite of productized applications combined with a modern data management platform called GAIN EDM. Back in 2011, AIM developed the business application approach by looking for patterns among our 100+ customers. We saw similar needs for processing securities data, prices and corporate actions, so we captured the functionality to create business applications covering these areas.

    The most efficient way to solve data quality issues

    Successful Data Management is the key to increase profitability through improving business efficiency, optimizing costs and increasing agility. But before this stage is reached, financial institutions often face many common issues. For instance, disparate data management functions lead mostly to increased complexity costs due to factors such as:

    • low efficiency caused by duplicated controls,
    • missing lineage with excel based approaches or
    • too complex monitoring processes of workflows.

    We provide to financial institutions with the most efficient data management model based upon 4 main pillars: Packaged Business Applications, an End-to-End View for the whole process, the inclusion of suitable partners (e.g. SimCorp, Avaloq, etc.) and most importantly the User Community itself.

    Packaged Business Applications

    The Business Applications cover the requirements of our 100+ which are packaged into best practices and maintained as part of the product. GAIN empowers business users to build and manage their workflows flexibly and autonomously. It allows firms to minimize this risk and operational management challenge by creating an efficient workflow process that is fully traceable and auditable through each step.

    End-to-End View

    In order to achieve business efficiency it is crucial to focus on the End-To-End View. In this process we concentrate on seamless process rather than system boundaries. Furthermore we are for aligned business models rather than generic data models. Overall, the End-to-End View approach helps to achieve better lineage and investigation for the customer.

    Inclusion of Partners

    AIM Software has formed a number of strategic partnerships with other important application / software vendors in the financial industry. We believe in growing best practice which focusses on business logic rather than integration work as well as long-term alignment with the roadmap of the partner. By providing complete compatibility with a number of other important software vendors we offer better integrated solutions and reduced delivery time.

    Living community

    GAIN is a living product suite fed by an active and engaged client community:  All products are fully maintained, developed and supported by AIM Software, thereby ensuring continuous enrichment of functionality for the benefit of all users.

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