GAIN Portfolio Pricing

    GAIN Portfolio Pricing is the first centralized pricing and market data business application dedicated to the pricing of multiple portfolios for financial institutions. It collects and stores prices from multiple sources (data vendors, spreadsheets, text files etc.) and allows managing and mastering all client pricing policies across the range of portfolios on a modern user interface in a single system.

    Control and transparency for pricing policies

    The Pricing Policy Master is a unique module dedicated to the management of multiple pricing policies: Based on a modular parameterization approach and directly accessible to business operations users, it allows fast delivery of new funds or changed requirements while ensuring consistent control, versioning, and audit trail for pricing policies across all portfolios.

    Meet regulatory requirements faster

    GAIN Portfolio Pricing provides business operation users with the ability to control and maintain the pricing of each portfolio by means of a comprehensive set of parameterization, dashboard, and monitoring screens. These screens include the support for changing the tolerance, applying a new check due to a regulatory change, or onboarding a new fund with a non-standard pricing policy. All this can be performed directly by a business user and does not require any IT knowledge.

    Reduce manual interventions significantly

    GAIN Portfolio Pricing is provided with a rich set of out-of-the-box validation checks ensuring quality and correctness of prices while reducing manual intervention to a minimum. An innovative multi-portfolio support means that the resolution of any given price exception applies itself to all portfolios affected, without the need to make the same update multiple times. Easy-to-use monitoring screens help to solve suspect prices in a timely manner: Pricing teams can better identify the most urgent tasks by prioritizing them based on various parameters such as cut-off times.

    Learn in more detail about GAIN Portfolio Pricing by downloading our factsheet.

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