GAIN Security Master

    This solution is designed to secure and simplify management of all data accumulated through your operations—ultimately providing financial institutions with a “single source of truth” for all their reference data queries.

    The GAIN Security Master automates the acquisition and quality control of reference data, including securities data across all asset classes. Through exception-based processing, strict controls, and validation rules, it guarantees data quality from the moment a new security is created in the system. As a result, GAIN speeds up the on-boarding of new securities and acts as a “data quality firewall” that reduces manual efforts related to bad data quality within downstream processes and systems.

    Managing data quality challenges

    Portfolio management, settlement and any other target systems were not built for bad data. For instance, the stakes are high for asset managers: Trading decisions made with poor quality data can result in bad decisions and can even lead to compensation cases and reputational risk. The data has to be fit for all functions before it reaches the systems: order management, settlement, accounting, performance, risk systems and more.

    Intelligent and highly automated straight-through processing (STP)

    Business users often face cumbersome manual work due to instrument opening or data quality checks. GAIN is the solution and central place to resolve such exceptions: It ensures automated opening and maintenance of securities. Furthermore, users do not need to search for particular quality issues anymore. GAIN automatically notifies them if such one arises.

    Configuration without programming

    GAIN is the only solution for business users who want the ability to flexibly build and manage their own workflows through self-configuration. GAIN provides:

    • More flexibility for your business
    • The ability to react quicker to regulatory changes and challenges
    • Full data lineage: track back what has happened at any point of time
    • More autonomy to business users working with data on a daily basis
    • User-friendly configuration, where no coding is required


    Learn more about GAIN Security Master by downloading our factsheet.

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