AIM Software has formed a number of strategic partnerships with other important application / software vendors in the financial industry.

    All GAIN software can come packaged with integrated adapters for:

    By providing complete compatibility with a number of other important software vendors we can offer:

    • Better integrated solutions that let you keep using already embedded systems from other vendors
    • Reduced time to market by using pre-built adapters, rather than building new solutions from scratch

    GAIN packages let customers get more out of their technology investments—by enhancing whatever compatible system is already in place (such as Avaloq) and / or providing more specialized functionality than what can be offered by only one vendor (e.g. data scrubbing along with corporate actions entitlement calculation).

    Key advantages of GAIN packages

    Save time and money

    You can spend a lot of time in systems integration just building the required interfaces between applications, even though these exact systems have already been built successfully many times before!

    Whether you need upstream adapters for data feeds, or downstream adapters for applications that process the data: We can get these interfaces and adapters running very quickly based on our pre-built packages.

    Simplified mapping of models

    By utilizing our model-driven architecture, almost any business model or workflow can be imported into GAIN and then easily mapped against.

    GAIN already comes with many built-in adapters, and using our packages lets you integrate GAIN technology with any other partner solution very easily.

    Take advantage of AIM Software’s network

    AIM Software goes a step further than many software providers, by forming strategic alliances that not only speed up development but also further improve the maintenance and support of the respective adapter.

    By acting as a clear advocate for our customer pools, AIM Software naturally aggregates more momentum to suggest new features for these packages than would otherwise be possible.

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