GAIN Data Management is fully compatible with the ERI OLYMPIC banking system

    Improved control over your data

    Financial institutions using ERI OLYMPIC software can use GAIN for data loading, or as an independent security master file. This GAIN package improves control over instrument opening automation and the entire data management process, along with seamless integration of static data and security prices.

    Benefits of adding GAIN to your ERI OLYMPIC installation

    • Automate instrument opening
    • Dedicate screens for specialized tasks
    • Open derivatives as well as plain vanilla instruments
    • Integrate multiple data sources
    • Use GAIN as a security master file for reference data and pricing
    • Utilize multi instance feeding from different data vendors

    Extend your data management options

    GAIN extends the options available to ERI OLYMPIC users for more efficient data management, by acting as a central platform for the acquisition of data sourced from multiple vendors (such as SIX, Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters).

    Thus the GAIN | OLYMPIC adapter offers a consistent way to process and control data aligned within ERI OLYMPIC.

    Automate and tailor your instrument opening process

    • Cover standard asset types such as Equities, Bonds, Funds, or Derivatives
    • Define customer specific mappings to derive your individual asset classification
    • Avoid inaccurate data by checking each instrument before sending to ERI OLYMPIC
    • Provide multi-tenancy support

    GAIN for Olympic

    • Use several key types to request data by ISIN, Currency, Market key
    • Use the monitoring screen to view details and state of the instrument opening
    • Gain efficiency through centralized exception management in case of missing reference data or prices
    • Ensure daily and automated updates of prices

    Extend your model as needed

    The GAIN | OLYMPIC Interface offers an extensible standard interface with a high degree of flexibility and granular customization options. Users can easily extend the data model and adapt the acquisition workflow depending on the data needed.

    Centralize your exception management

    GAIN centrally manages data by design. This helps reduce overall manual intervention requirements, while also reducing operational risk by achieving higher levels of data quality.

    GAIN allows for data correction and data enrichment—and supports even complex workflows such as requesting derivatives and related underlyings in one run.

    A future-proof solution

    ERI OLYMPIC users can always unlock more GAIN functions whenever the need arises.

    Thanks to our modular and flexible architecture, GAIN's central data model serves as a future-proof solution that enables an easy step-by-step integration of additional functionality and further data feeds as needed.

    Furthermore, GAIN is compatible with both OLYMPIC A and OLYMPIC F versions. GAIN can feed a single FDBVAL reference data repository or several, depending on how the financial institution has configured its ERI OLYMPIC environment.

    This solution can be provided as a stand-alone installation or in ASP mode.

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