GAIN Entity Master

    The comprehensive solution for entity data management

    The GAIN Entity Master product empowers financial institutions to understand their exposure to other entities more easily, so they can focus on mitigating their risk profiles accordingly.

    Uncover unknown exposures

    While most of the required legal entity data is publicly available, gathering and analyzing this vast amount of information is a tedious and time-consuming task—that often ends up with information being incomplete. The resulting risk is simply unacceptable. Rather than taking weeks or even months to fully understand your organization’s exposure to any entity, the GAIN Entity Master helps significantly reduce the effort and time required to determine exposure.

    Find the ultimate source of your risk

    Similar systems often fail to take the relationships of a security’s issuer to its various parent companies into account. An investment firm may not realize for instance, that it has a large number of securities issued by various subsidiaries that ultimately come from a single parent—thus exposing itself to excessive risk and possibly breaking its own allocation rules.

    Improve issuer management using multiple sources

    Risk mitigation through GAIN is mainly accomplished by using multiple data sources from the start, rather than the single source so often used by some financial institutions. When firms use a single data source for issuer data, this almost always paints an incomplete picture—and so a large team of analysts is required to fill in the information gaps. Furthermore, because many firms buy ratings data through aggregators, this can lead to delays in ratings updates since they first have to be re-encoded and transferred to in-house calculation engines.

    Facilitate research for missing information

    The GAIN Entity Master product has been configured to scan multiple data sources and produce quick and easy-to-use reports. These reports will streamline your compliance with regulations like BCBS 239. If information is missing, incomplete, or contradictory, users have the option to either research the issuer information themselves or to send an audit request to third-party researchers such as Avox or FactSet. The cleansed issuer data is then fed into the firm’s target systems for appropriate action.


    Learn in more detail about GAIN Entity Master by downloading our factsheet.

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