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    By combining agile project methodology with business driven development and early prototyping, AIM Software helps customers heavily reduce project risk and to decrease time to market for even the most complex data management projects.

    Identify specification gaps through early prototyping

    A comprehensive discovery phase and an early prototyping phase are usually the best way to validate a project approach, and to narrow down critical objectives while identifying the ideal path in a large project.

    Another advantage of prototyping is that it is very easy and inexpensive to change direction, or consider an entirely new program flow. Ultimately these efforts result in much more usable software at a lower overall cost.

    Know your project risks before engaging

    The objective of a proof of concept is to create a functional end-to-end prototype that will strongly help identify potential obstacles.

    Optional phases before the final implementation

    The customer can decide which phases should be passed before engaging on the real implementation.

    Eliminate surprises

    • Better assess delivery risks before committing to development of the final system
    • Give stakeholders an early idea of what the system will be like
    • Encourage active participation among end users and producers
    • Increase system development speed and reduce project costs
    • Increase acceptance of the final system from day 1
    • Provide proof of value to management

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