Asset Management Solutions

    Improve Business Agility and Efficiency in Disruptive Times

    The world’s leading asset management firms rely every day on AIM Software’s EDM products to improve the efficiency and the agility of their business operations to address the challenges of today’s disruptive times.

    GAIN allows your firm to create the most efficient, most automated data management process upstream of all your systems and functions—while at the same time end users from the business are empowered to adapt the system to address changing regulatory or business requirements without requiring an IT project.

    You will find below some examples of customers successfully using GAIN for their business operations:

    Consistent data across functions and asset classes (Unigestion)

    Streamlined pre-trade (research) and post-trade operations (front-to-back); consistent investment data across the functions of the investment management activities

    GAIN acts as a central EDM platform in front of its investment management system SimCorp Dimension, to strengthen its front, middle and back office operations across the investment lines. Integrated on a single GAIN EDM platform, UNIGESTION uses four of the business applications from the GAIN suite—Security Master, pricing, Corporate Actions Data Management, and research Data—to deliver consistent and full reference data management.

    Front Office Optimization (a Swiss Asset Manager)

    The asset manager uses GAIN Quant DB to industrialize the data preparation activities of its “quants” research team, by automating the aggregation of index and market data from multiple sources (including Thomson Reuters QA, stock exchanges etc.) to feed MatLab, the portfolio modelling application.

    Simplified and accelerated Research process

    GAIN Quant DB acts as a central data repository that delivers accurate point-in-time snapshots: data is acquired and cross- referenced automatically, thus eliminating the risk of error-prone manual consolidation.

    As a result, Quants are faster in getting the data they need, while incurring less data costs and with full transparency over the data sets used to prove the portfolio strategies. The accuracy of data used for back-testing investment strategy has been drastically increased with a vendor-generic point in time feature, resulting in better investment strategies.

    Automation in Corporate Actions Processing (A Top 3 Asset Manager in the Netherlands)

    The asset management firm was looking for a solution to reduce the highly manual and error-prone processing of corporate actions, to increase the data quality, and to leverage the investment in the recently implemented SimCorp Dimension platform.

    80–90% automation on high volume events after a 3-month project

    The project was implemented within less than 3 months and now processes the initial set of corporate actions events with more than 20 integrated custodians.

    AIM Software’s solution allows for nearly 90% straight-through processing of their high volume events.

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