Asset Servicing Solutions

    Stay Ahead of Operational and Regulatory Challenges

    The world’s leading asset servicing, fund administration and global custody firms rely every day on AIM Software’s GAIN to support their business-critical data operations.

    GAIN’s targeted Business Applications help asset servicing firms reduce their operational workload and ease the compliance burden.

    At the same time, GAIN enables more Business Agility and competitive client services while leveraging existing systems. The rapidly changing regulatory landscape, coupled with economic headwinds and evolving technologies, force asset servicing providers to reevaluate strategies and to make permanent changes to their business models.

    Find below few examples of customers successfully using GAIN for their business operations:

    Group-wide data management (a Top 10 Global Custodian)

    Being one of the top 10 global custodians, the client needs a robust and reliable solution for instrument openings to support both their custody and fund accounting business lines.

    In 2011, GAIN Security Master was chosen in an RFI process, because of its proven ability to handle complex multi-tenancy set-ups, to process large volumes of data and its track record and reputation built over more than 10 years at that time.

    GAIN Security Master provides a flexible solution that uses reference data from SIX financial Information and Bloomberg to create a golden copy from new instrument data and to hand over the new instruments to the client’s Master Data file system. This allows the customer to scale their business to new services.

    Centralized pricing operations (European Fund Administration)

    The daily pricing operations of fund servicing organizations are heavily challenged. As a result, they need to do more with less. European Fund Administration (EFA) was looking to improve daily operations across all portfolios, as well as to offer tailored NAV (Net Asset Value) calculations as a key differentiator.

    GAIN Portfolio Pricing acts as a central pricing application that manages pricing policies, supports price governance, and applies advanced validations. Manual exceptions are significantly reduced while quality controls are improved. EFA now offers tailor- made NAV calculation services with highest accessibility and data transparency.

    Corporate actions data under control (Pictet & Cie)

    With USD 466 billion assets under custody, Pictet is one of the premier asset managers and global custody specialists in Europe. To face the increasing volumes and complexity of corporate actions, the global custodian needed to automate the validation of corporate actions announcement data.

    Pictet has chosen GAIN Corporate Actions DM from AIM Software to automate this crucial step acting as a global data hub supporting operations in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore etc.

    GAIN acts as an extension to the existing custody system. The corporate actions are gathered, channeled, analyzed and prioritized in real time with minimum manual intervention; this ensures that the most critical corporate actions data is processed first. High volume events are automated, while the higher quality of data and the deadline- driven processing reduces operational errors drastically.

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